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La Chona Restaurant

La Chona Restaurant is just inside the San Pablo city limits, but we wanted to pretend like it was in Richmond. Like El Mexicano, this restaurant has a small cozy dining area, with a view of the open kitchen and prep area. Unlike Mexicano, the wait staff here serves you at your table with full menus and service. The staff are friendly and they have a good variety of food and beverages on offer, including beer and micheladas. As per usual, we sat down for our 3 taco sampler, Carne Asada, Carnitas and Al Pastor. La Chona Restaurant 1848 23rd St, San Pablo, CA 94806 La Chona Tacos Regular (Top: Carnitas, Left: Al Pastor Right: Carne Asada) Lauren (Carne Asada): Usually not a carne asada fan (because I am not a beef fan), I was very impressed with the carne asada here.  The flavor was mellow, and well marinaded.  With a little lime, this Carne Asada taco was nearly perfect.  The texture was great too- it seemed they used high-quality
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¡El Mexicano!

El Mexicano has been a favorite of ours for the past few months. Unfortunately, when we went tonight the salsa (even as someone who likes vindaloo) was too spicy. As usual, we ordered three tacos each: a carne asada, al pastor, and carnitas. Lauren ordered chicken as well. We will each tackle a taco to review. Los Mexicanos Deli (Sign says El Mexicano) 779 23rd St, Richmond, CA 94804  Can you Spot the Bloggers? Lauren (Al Pastor): This is my typical fare from El Mexicano. It is usually a bit more pineapple centric, this time it was too sweet and full of sauce. Although I haven’t tried all of the al pastor tacos in Richmond, this is my favorite so far, as it is not dry and the sauce is flavorful. We gave this taco a 3.79/5. Simon (Carne Asada): I don’t normally order the carne asada tacos, but in the spirit of trying all the tacos they have to offer (that don’t contain cheeks, brains or tongues) I ordered these. While they we